HOME MASSAGE: Transforming Family Life Through the Healing Power of Touch

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Re-connect with you loved ones with this much-needed book on bringing touch back into family life. 

Discover family health and harmony through the medium of massage.

Educate your chldren about proper and improper touch.

Rediscover your innate healing power of touch through the gift of massage.

Reduce stress and improve your immune system.

Learn the tried and true principles that makes massage fun and easy to learn.

Learn ways to share massage with infants, children, teens, spouses and elderly



This book is well-crafted, practical, creative, innovative and accessible. Highly recommended for all those who value the role of touch and intimacy in their lives.
                                 Mariana Caplan, PhD. Author of “To Touch is to Live” and “Eyes Wide Open: Cultivating Discernment on the Spiritual Path.”

The healing power of massage therapy must be promoted in all appropriate venues—and healthy touch in the home is a vital component of creating harmony and happiness. From infants to seniors, we all need touch, and “Home Massage,” by Chuck Fata and Suzette Hodnett, with its focus on relationship, stress relief, body image and non-sexual touch, provides an important stepping stone on the path to peace in our world.
                                Joseph D. Doyle, President and CEO,The Doyle Group, publisher of MASSAGE Magazine and Chiropractic Economics magazine

This book does it all! Simple yet profound, great for beginners or professionals, filled with insight and wisdom. Chuck had the best hands of any bodyworker I have ever known and the compassion and love he could express through his touch was truly astonishing.
                               Dr.Vincent Medici D.C., cand. PhD, Biochemistry, Currciulum Director for Western Sciences at The Shiatsu Massage School of CA

This book offers insight into touch that many massage text books do not offer. It is the conversation about how touch communicates, the discussions of honor, respect and presence, and the methods of being comfortable in one’s own body and mind, that are not always available, but are extremely important to introduce to the student of touch and future therapists. I would recommend using this book as a classroom text for both the casual student and the professional one.
                               Tania Clutter, LMT, Instructor, Everest College

Those of us who know and live healthy touch can’t even imagine ourselves without it. This is a book that is long overdue. When one opens his heart to healthy touch, the possibilities are unlimited.
                               Michael Young, NCTMB, Founder of RUIT (Repetitive Use Injury Therapy

This beautiful, comprehensive guide to massage is a gift for our families and loved ones, in teaching each of us how to support one another though the heal- ing power of touch.The heartfelt photos tell the story so eloquently of creating quality connection, being present and giving to those in our lives who give so much to us each and everyday. And there is nothing more profound than cultivating the skills for massage in our children and an appreciation of the power it has to bring us together in harmony and to help us heal both physically and emotion- ally. This book is a gem to be shared with friends and family and generations of a lifetime.
                               Tara Grodjesk, President and Founder,Tara Spa Therapy

Chuck and Suzette have succeeded in creating a fun, easy-to-follow guide to home massage. The book covers everything from creating a safe environment to a full massage routine with basic strokes. Written for beginners, it’s guaranteed to en- hance your family life as you discover the joy and happiness of healing touch.
                               Tomas Nani: Founder, Earthlite Massage Tables

What can be as simple, and as wonderful, as a touch? This book explores this concept in clear, concise language and pictures so that ANYONE can partake of one of the greatest gifts of being human. As a public librarian I am often wary of massage books and whether the message within will be appropriate to my patrons. Thankfully, with books such as this, the gift of touch can be explored in a safe and nurturing environment. When we get a copy in our collection I plan on checking it out many times!
                                Terry Oxley,Librarian II, Youth Services,VelmaTeague Branch

As a retired Educator and former Superintendent, I know the importance of social inter- action and the role human touch plays in the development of children both in and out of the classroom. In these days when we are sensitive to and limit “touch” in schools, we can’t lose site of this aspect of being human.There is much stress in the modern school environment and plenty of studies about the positive effects of massage on decreasing stress. In “Home Massage” by Chuck Fata and Suzette Hodnett there are clear ways to have parents and their children together learn to experience the positive effect of touch which can better prepare them to meet the demands of school, both academic and social. This book is an important tool to provide improved health for all who utilize the steps it provides.
                                Dr. Laura McGaughey, retired Educator and former Superintendent

This book is just lovely and well-written. The authors did a wonderful job in covering the topic of massage for everyone and demonstrating how easy it is to put the power of touch in every household. Children to grandparents will love this book.
                              Lynda Solien-Wolfe LMT, NCTMB, Vice-Chair of the Florida Board of Massage Therapy, President of the Solwolfe Resource Group, Inc.

I’ve been getting massage regularly for 25 years and wish my family had started 25 years before that. I’m the “Massage Dad” in our house and thankful for the oppor- tunity to give to my family. This book is a must have and every family will benefit from its common sense approach to family healing.
                              Allan Share, President, Day Spa Association, International Medical Spa Association

Chuck and Suzette break new ground with an excellent book designed to bring a clear voice on how respect, honor and appropriate touch learned on the massage table can return intimacy and loving touch to family life. Every family should have this book to use and peruse daily.
                              Bruce Eatchel, GM and VP, Stronglite Massage Tables

Touch is vital to the health of body, mind and soul. Yet, because of the transgres- sions of a few, many Western societies are legislating against touch in public insti- tutions.This is not the answer.The solution is to teach people how to touch in a nurturing and safe way. “Home Massage” does this beautifully within the family setting. All members of the family are included—young and old, healthy and ill, male and female, parent and child, brother and sister. Bravo!
                            Gayle MacDonald, “Medicine Hands: Massage Therapy for People with Cancer”

The wonderful principles and techniques described in this book reveal the real healing power of touch which is often neglected in families but can make such a difference in our physical, emotional and mental health.
                            Dr. Chris Elisabeth Gilbert, MD, PhD, author of “Dr. Chris’s A, B, C’s of Health” and “The French Stethoscope”

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